20 days into 2020 and 20 days into the 20s decade what I’ve realized is actions definitely speak louder than words because the actions is progress its your steps to success words are just stalling you to get where you wanna be yes i have times that i want to just say what i want and where i wanna be but i just need to stay locked in and dont stop when i wanna be in life with my fiancé and my future kids❤️ , aspergers can take a tole on my day to day life feeling like I mastered it controlled it with a grasp on the horns of life

Day to day

I have aspergers bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder so im all sorts of fucked up shit is hell no cap i hate having to have social problems i hate having switched emotions i hate having problems even thinking straight i hope my life gets better fr dawg i hate living with this bullshit fuck


I want to get out of the average lifestyle i hate how society or the government gives us minorities way to make money or fast money (lotteries, donate plasma, amscot, its all a facade i need to escape this money hole i need a nice house a beautiful car not living paycheck i want to be financially frugaly free. people in this world would steal from a blind person if they had the chance. The problem or choice is i want to live a better life than my parents a better life for myself and my wife i want our kids to never ever say they never had a damn thing yes it will require me to work hard and never give up. Trust me I’d rather work hard and push myself to live a better life then to work a average job and live paycheck to paycheck im not into cars and shit but hell I’d love a camero or any muscle car what i need to do in my life is push to make it push to get out of tampa live a better life somewhere.

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